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"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

We give utmost care to your child safety

We completely understand parents concern when it comes to their children's safety. Keeping that in mind, we have adopted rigorous safety standard at four levels to meet or exceed your expectations.

Toys are cleaned with 100% Natural Cleaner.
The Power of Steam is used to melt away the greasy layer that captures dust and to sanitize the toys.
The Toys are blow dried through warm air to remove any wetness in them.
The Toys are wrapped to avoid any further contact with dust particles.

Creating a safe and healthy environment is something that we strive for and are committed to provide to our members.

At Toys ‘R’ Urs  we take extra steps to ensure that our cleaning products are safe and non-toxic. We use 100% natural cleaner that can kill germs.

The toys are disinfected by steam cleaners that cleans the toys at very high temperatures, sterilizing the toy and killing almost all bacteria.

We are certain that every toy you receive from Toys ‘R’ Urs is safe and clean for your child.

Your child’s safety is our
Top priority!

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